How to eat to get a six pack?

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Eating and choosing the right nutrients is as important as exercising. Let’s see if you want a six pack. How should I control food my diet?

  • Add protein to meals Because protein will help repair muscles from being used easily. Getting enough protein will help your muscles develop better. Examples of high-protein foods  include lean meats. Skinned meats, fish, eggs, milk, soybeans and almonds.
  • Reduce fat by avoiding high-fat foods such as fried food, fatty foods, sweets and fast food, and choosing low-fat foods such as vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk, fish, lean meats. and skinned meat
  • Calorie control, anyone who wants to lose weight and accumulate fat Calories or energy from food should be counted each day as well. because getting too much energy can cause fat to accumulate
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables Because vegetables and fruits are high in fiber or dietary fiber. Which fiber helps the body use energy better. Some research suggests that a high-fiber diet may help reduce fat stores. Also, the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are essential for your body and good health UFABET

for creating a six pack In addition to exercise and diet. Discipline and patience are essential to getting you to your goals. and for good shape and long-term health Should continue to exercise properly and not overdo it. If injury from exercise You should take a break and see a doctor for proper examination and treatment.