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fridayFull disclosure: I’m friends with Friday Elliot, owner and all around badass chick behind Friday Afternoon Tea, LLC. She’s adorable, wonderful, passionate, which is all to say the right person needed to provide the geek community with some pop-culture oriented teas to pair with our fandoms of choice. Her “Ravenclaw” blend is still one of my favorites and her “Tummy Soother” has really helped with my chronic stomach issues.

More full disclosure: Friday was a guest on my podcast some time ago after I met her at GeekGirlCon. It was more or less a “live” interview at the AFK Tavern’s now defunct second restaurant, but the friendship was sealed from minute one. The excitement and knowledge she has for tea and pop culture comes through in the podcast, but is just as true for any conversation I’ve had with her over the last couple of years. Her’s kid’s pretty cool too! Shout out to Allyn! Plus, you’ll get to learn my flavor profile!

So, yes, I want her newest Kickstarter campaign to succeed. Friday Afternoon Tea is looking to expand from an online shop to a for real brick-and-mortar establishment in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. Partnering with local shops and artists, Friday wants to create a safe and inclusive space for people to find their passion, and form a community, while sipping on some fine teas. There’s no doubt in my mind that Friday Afternoon Tea could be a fantastic and welcoming place for geeks, nerds, and dorks alike, so I encourage all of you – especially those of you in the Seattle area – to lend your support to this amazing woman and her amazing teas.

Go to: and make this a reality!



Sam and Miguel have a chat with the voice of Korra, Janet Varney. While Legend of Korra is the topic du jour, they also cover the auditioning process, voice over work in general, and Janet debuts her impression of fellow Thrilling Adventure actor Marc Evan Jackson.

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Into music: “French Kiss” by Mrs. Howl

Sam talks with the Ink-Stained Amazon herself, Jennifer Stuller. The two talk about women as they’re portrayed in movies, television, and comic books and talk about the future of women in media.