Ancelotti avoids talking about Madrid using the media to put pressure on referees.

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Carlo Ancelotti avoids talking about the issues raised by his opponents. With Real Madrid using the club’s media as a tool to pressure referees ahead of football games.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti claims it is unprofessional to speak out about rivals criticizing the Whites. For using the club’s media to pressure the Blacks into deciding their games stadium. According to a report from Marca last Saturday. ทางเข้า ufabet

During a press conference on Friday, Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez criticized the way Real Madrid uses its sister media Real Madrid TV to pressure referees. The Barca boss believes it will have an impact on the performance of any referee who decides games played by the Whites, but Ancelotti refuses to discuss the issue.

‘I don’t want to come down to this level with respect to Spanish football. It’s unprofessional. (to talk about it)’ Ancelotti said. 

Then ‘Ancelotti’ avoided mentioning the situation of the goalkeeper position of the White Team, where Andrey Lunin has played as a starter for the past two games, but he still did not confirm that the Ukrainian goalkeeper Will he hold the position of number one permanently or not? Although the 24-year-old goalkeeper was impressive in the game against Azulon, 

‘It depends a lot on feelings. They are both fine. It’s true that I take into account that they haven’t had 3 games in a row since our rotation. I’m not saying who will play tomorrow. And they don’t know yet.’