A shaman performs a ritual hoping that Peru will beat kangaroos

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Superstition has to come after a group of shamans perform a ritual to help Peru defeat Australia to secure tickets to the World Cup at the end of the year.

Peru will face Australia on Monday night for the final play-off match with tickets to football. A world where Qatar is at stake

and then to help Peru get into the finals as hoped A group of shamans took pictures of the national team players for a ritual and they claim to see the players moving to Qatar. The

shaman named Walter Alarcon said: “We perform the traditional Peruvian victory ceremonies. “

There are 13 exorcists because Peru will play against Australia on June 13. And we can see in the future that Peru will go into the next round.”

“Peru will go to Qatar. to play the World Cup because we see the happiness of the people, after drinking the ayavasca tree.” the UFABET report

They also have a picture of the Australian national team stabbed with a sword. Some shamans play a folk instrument called Pututo

Ayavaska, a hallucinogenic plant. And it’s what shamans in the Amazon have used to perform rituals to heal people for hundreds of years.

36 years away from playing at the World Cup, made it to the 2018 World Cup and their only victory. There in the group stage was a 2-0 defeat against Australia.