Maniac! keep within your Limits.

– John Adams to Mary Wollstonecraft

It’s one of my favorite quotes and a personal mantra. It reminds me that no matter how far I’ve come as a person, as a woman, a writer, or as a geek, someone is always going to place boundaries on what I can do, think, write, and say.

I choose to ignore all of that. I choose to be unlimited. I choose to be a Maniac.

That’s the purpose of this site/blog. I don’t want to limit myself to the things I can and can’t write or share with others. It’s doesn’t always have to be geek culture with me. Sometimes I want to talk about other things, things that are personal but worth exploring because I find them interesting or provocative. I want to experiment, I want to create, I want to grow, and this is the space where I intend to do it.

If you’re also interested in reading any of my previous work consisting of comic book and movie reviews, op-ed pieces, and news stories, you can go to Word of the Nerd and dive in!


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