The Stars Look Very Different Today – RIP David Bowie

Posted: January 11, 2016 by Sam in Editorial, Music
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David Bowie was and always will be a cultural icon. He let his freak flag fly and encouraged everyone to do the same. He invited us to embrace the idea of being ourselves, turning whatever made us odd or weird into the very thing that made us cool. For Bowie, being himself was an exploration into multiple personas: He was Ziggy Stardust, he was The Man Who Fell to Earth, he was Jareth the Goblin King, he was Nicola Tesla, but above all else he was David Bowie.

Bowie’s presence, his musicality, his persona are eternal. His style and swagger live on in artists unafraid to push the boundaries of performance. His aesthetic has been the subject of countless homages and his music has a way of popping up where you least expect it, though it’s never unwelcome. He could bring us to tears as we mourned the loss of Major Tom, but he could just as easily bring us to our feet to dance away the blues. We had him for a short time, but there’s no doubt he lives on.

He’s waiting in the sky now and he’ll shine on forever.


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