That Girl with the Curls – Episode 47 – Scott Kraynak

Posted: October 23, 2015 by Sam in Books, Podcasts, That Girl with the Curls
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Check out Scott’s website:¬†

Intro and Outro music: Iggy Pop “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”

  1. Worked for a short time with Scott.. bought his book Animal Crackers. Like Scott, I am also a Cleveland Browns/Indians lover being that I was born in Ohio and remember the Cardiac Kids and Brian Sipe:). One never forgets their roots. I also am so proud of our President like Scott and don’t understand the other side and their comments regarding him and his actions. Scott is so right about how people treat our Parks. I’m not sure where it comes from but working at the Park saw so many campers just leaving their campsites a disaster with trash everywhere and even though we are in uniform when we speak to tourists about not getting to close to the elk.. most won’t listen and do as they please. So sad. Keep up the artwork and books Scott.. there are many that appreciate your work and thoughts.

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