Sam is joined by her friend Nathan for a discussion about TNT’s The Librarians.

The Librarians

Intro and outro music “French Kiss” by Mrs. Howl.

  1. mentdijinn says:

    Well you have to remember it is #MAGIC.. ANYTHING can happen with Magic.. Who may be dead in season 1 may magically be alive in Season 2 It was TNT scheduling why there were two episodes doubled up at the end… There is always a reason why all the characters would be brought back together at The Library.. That wouldnt be a problem for the writers .. and i thought a great way to leave the door open for anything to happen.. And The City of Lights episode is the #tesla themed episode.. 🙂 The way they leave things open.. you just never know if that is intentional and would be referenced again if/when the show gets more seasons! I do believe everything you dont understand.. the writers of the show.. know what they are doing! just love TheLibrarians and #ChristianKane in it! Thanks

  2. Kris says:

    Cassandra is not in love with Jacob. When Jacob is talking to Mabel in “City of Light”, Cassandra is rolling her eyes and trying not to gag. Later when Jake volunteers to talk to Mabel, Cassandra teases him. “Maybe I should go? I could go with with you. We could send Ezkiel.” Replace her with Ezekiel in both of those scenes and it makes just as much sense. If you watch AltCassandra’s interactions with Eve you’ll see which side of the spectrum she’s on. It also explains why the Libris Fabula made her Prince Charming.

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