Beatles-Cember: “Let it Be”

Posted: December 30, 2013 by Sam in Music
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A gospel-like song about loss and acceptance, “Let it Be” is considered to be one of the Beatles’ greatest songs. The song’s name is shared with the group’s 12th and final studio album as a group as well as the film that documented the creation of the album. During the tense session that witnessed the dissolution of the band, Paul McCartney was inspired to write the song after having a dream about his mother, Mary, who’d died of cancer when he was fourteen.

In many ways, the longevity of “Let it Be” can be attributed to its release prior to John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s announcement that the group was breaking up. The lyrics have often been interpreted as a message from the group to their fans, knowing they’re upset, but asking for acceptance.


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