Another two-fer as I’ve realized I’ve fallen short on the Beatles’ song count for the month.

“Something” was written by George Harrison and was the only song written by him to top the US charts while he was with the band. It was definitely one of the Beatles’ more popular hits amongst other musicians considering both John and Paul praised it as not only Harrison’s best writing, but one of the best Beatles songs, and its extensive list of artists who’ve covered it: Elvis Presley all the way to Phish. Harrison’s preferred cover was the one by James Brown.

When pressed for what or who inspired the song, Harrison has gone on record saying no one really inspired the song. It was just something he wrote during his down time. People just assumed it was about his then wife, Pattie Boyd (the inspiration for Eric Clapton’s “Layla”), because of the promotional video put together that played the song over footage of George and Pattie, John and Yoko, Paul and Linda, and Ringo and his then wife Maureen.

“Get Back” was written for the Let it Be album and “movie” but its inception essentially came from cannibalizing verses from other songs, specifically George Harrison’s “Sour Milk Sea”, and on-and-off sessions of messing around with the lyrics and music while recording. It’s one of the rare Beatles songs that is essentially documented every step of the way since the cameras were rolling the whole time during the Let it Be sessions. The song itself has two verses, one about a man named JoJo headed from Arizona to California and the other about the sexually ambiguous Loretta Martin. Neither seem to be connected other than the fact that they’re in the same song and there may be an implication that they should, as the chorus says, “Get back” to where they once belonged.

Musically, “Get Back” is driven principally by the bass and drums, but it also includes a lively electric piano solo by the late Billy Preston, who was brought in by George Harrison to break up the tension in the studio since the group was bickering quite a bit.


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