Beatles-Cember: “Hey Jude”

Posted: December 22, 2013 by Sam in Music
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“Hey Jude” has become possibly the most iconic of The Beatles’ catalog of song for two reasons. One, it’s the longest song they ever recorded, clocking in at a little over seven minutes. Two, it reaches anthem-level status by the time it reaches the “na-na-na-na” portion. It isn’t hard to get a group of people singing the coda and crying out “Hey Jude!” no matter where you are.

The song is entangled in drama, but at the very core it’s a song from Paul McCartney to Julian Lennon, John’s son, to comfort him when Lennon and his wife Cynthia were divorcing over his affair with Yoko Ono. Originally titled, “Hey Jules,” McCartney changed the name to Jude because he thought it sounded better and was easier to sing. Though in changing the name, Lennon took the song to be a bit of encouragement on McCartney’s part for him to stay with Ono.

“Hey Jude” was recorded during the same sessions for The White Album, but was released as a single with “Revolution” as the B-side. It was also the first single distributed via The Beatles’ label Apple Records.


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