NaNoWrMo Begins

Posted: November 1, 2013 by Sam in Editorial, NaNoWrMo, News
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Fantasy Genre

And so it begins! November is National Novel Writing Month and yours truly is all signed up to experience the emotional roller coaster of trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Will I make? Will I get remotely close? Will I inevitably spend hours staring at a blank screen while my mind cries out, “Write something, damn you!”? I’d say all of the above are possible. So, of course, I’d want to share my pain with all of you.

Throughout the month of November I’ll regularly be checking in with updates on my progress and maybe dropping some tidbits about the potential manuscript in question. What I can reveal to you at this time is that it’s called The Quest Thief, a fantasy adventure. A thief steals a quest and gets roped into completing the quest with its original adventuring hero. Hilarity, action, and drama ensue. But that’s all you get for now!

In honor of the genre I’ll be writing, I intend to devote at least one article a week to looking at some aspect of the fantasy genre through a particular movie, novel, television show, or comic book. Though high fantasy has gotten quite the resurgence in the last decade, the fantasy genre is just as complex and complicated as science fiction, westerns, and mysteries. Hopefully I’ll be able to add something of my own to those book shelves.


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