Maniacal Alternatives: Frozen

Posted: October 31, 2013 by Sam in Animation, Editorial, Maniacal Rantings, Movies
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Okay, so here’s what I would have done with Frozen.Frozen Poster

First of all, Elsa’s powers and the stigma on magic have to be explained somehow. If the trolls know so much about her abilities, then how did she get them in the first place?

And if the trolls have knowledge of magic and the dual nature of Elsa’s powers, why didn’t they have the grandfather troll suppress Elsa’s magic on top of Anna’s memories? You could still work within the parameters of Elsa being afraid she might hurt Anna, but it’s less about her powers being out of control as Elsa feels she needs to keep her distance on the off chance that her powers return. It gives you a chance to see the sisters growing up, yet growing apart as they take on different interests. Elsa is still the eldest, so she’d have to spend more time preparing to rule the kingdom while also worrying obsessively over her powers possibly returning. The loneliness would explain Anna’s desire for a personal connection with someone. Maybe she does try to befriend the servants or other people in the palace, but they’re all too busy for her. I assume the palace has a library. Anna could be obsessed with reading books about chivalry and knights, giving her a skewed idea of what constitutes love.

Then, the parents die, and the emotional impact is too much for Elsa, breaking the magic suppressing her powers when she breaks down. Anna and the rest of the kingdom witness her abilities and, in the midst of everyone’s grief, the accusations of sorcery begin. Because Elsa doesn’t have control over her powers, she nearly hurts people and runs off, beginning the long winter of Arendelle. Anna and ElsaAnna is forced to step up as Queen and over the course of the next few years we see how Arendelle adapts to “eternal winter”. The estrangement of the sisters now becomes one of actual distance physically and emotionally. After some time has passed and no one is able to stop the snow, the solution is to go after Elsa and force her to end her curse upon the kingdom. Leaving an adviser in charge, Anna and her intended husband, Hans, along with soldiers and a tracker with knowledge of the forest and mountains, Kristoff, traverse the mountain where Elsa has become quite adept at her abilities, forcing the two sisters into an actual confrontation. You can still have Hans’ treachery and Kristoff’s love connection with Anna, but they become more involved with the actual plot that drives the sisters together rather than acting as side quests in an overstuffed film that’s shorter than your average live action movie.

In all fairness, I know I have the benefit of hindsight and being an audience member who wasn’t involved with the movie. I can harp on this until my face turns blue, but this is just an alternative look at how Frozen could have been done.

  1. […] That’s not to say the ideas in Frozen aren’t interesting. Siblings become estranged, it’s a fact of life, and usually it takes something huge to bring them together again. I’m just surprised, and disappointed, Frozen went the way it did with the narrative. But I can only talk about what I took away from the movie because I seem to be in the minority on this one. When I was in the theater, there were plenty of kids, boys and girls, who were engrossed in the movie and there seems to be an overall consensus that Elsa and Anna are fantastic additions to the Disney line-up of princesses. If you like them, then good for you, they just didn’t do it for me. The best part of Frozen coming out within a week of Catching Fire is we get to see two movies with female leads doing so well at the box office. No excuses now, Hollywood. If, however, you’d like to know how I would’ve approached the story, you can go here. […]

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